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TechGuide: The Comprehensive Information on Quality Components

The TechGuide is designed for Technical Health Professionals to help them in the selection of components, by including details from both the manufacturer and independent sources. Only components that meet a benchmark criteria are included. There are different TECHGUIDE's covering lower and upper limb prosthetic and orthotic components. Each has thousands of pieces of information; aiding the health professional in providing an overall quality approach to managing clients.

The TechGuide is a list of quality products available, with information derived from manufacturers, worldwide testing authorities and other sources. Only products which have met a minimum level of information and compliance are marked as "included "in the TECHGUIDE. The TECHGUIDE cover components of the upper and lower limb prosthetic, and all levels of orthotic components.

The quality online information and resources for:-

    - Lower Limb Prosthetic Components
      (Includes exoskeletal and endoskeletal components)

    - Upper Limb Body Powered Prosthetic Components

    - Quality Orthotic Components

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RebabTech assumes no liability for any claim of adverse effects resulting from misapplication of the information presented herein. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the guide, no responsibility or liability will be taken for any inaccuracies in the guide.

Images used for components on this site are gratefully supplied by the respective manufacturers and their distributors.